Peter Leeke

Peter Leeke founded Kingswood Custom Homes with his wife, Louise, in 1995 when they moved their family to Charlotte, North Carolina from London, England. Prior to the Leekes’ relocation to the United States, Peter ran a successful homebuilding and development enterprise, which built award-winning residences in and around London. He also worked with the British government, building apartments and townhomes for people with special needs. An experienced homebuilder and entrepreneur, Peter is long-inspired by his grandmother, who was knowledgeable about construction and involved in real estate investments in London.

Regarded for his warmth and integrity, Peter enjoys the relationships that he nurtures with his team, their clients, and industry professionals alike. As a philanthropist, Peter has dedicated himself and Kingswood to supporting the community, which as he says, “has been so good to us.” From raising over a million dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to sponsoring events for The Heartest Yard and Inspire the Fire, among others, Peter sets the bar high in both business and service. His passion for quality—from working with top architects to maintaining skilled currency with technology and materials—is evident in every Kingswood project.
Peter is the recipient of the 2018 Leadership Award from the Charlotte Home Builder’s Association.